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The Channel: Biographical Aspects

Dr. André Marhaun is a spiritual channel, writer and poet travelling the world, writing, teaching, and working on self-development.

Born in Germany, he studied Law in Tübingen, Berlin and Freiburg and Japanese Language and Culture in Tübingen and Kyôto. He was a research assistant in the law of nations / international law at Tübingen University, writing his doctoral thesis about Human Dignity and International Law Man, Justice and Peace.

In Japan, he studied Japanese language and culture at Dôshisha University in Kyôto and worked as a coordinator for international relations for Japanese local government in the JET-Programme, before taking residence in Tôkyô, where he worked on his poems and a novel, while giving lessons in German and English and lectures on various aspects of German culture and spirituality (for two of them, see here). After a briefer period in Germany, he left for Australia, living in the beautiful Yarra Valley and then in Melbourne, in Southbank. Later, he taught in Montevideo in the Republic East of the Uruguay.

During his studies, he held, among others, scholarships from the German National Academic Foundation and the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation.

André is in the process of preparing his poetical work for publishing.

He offers a variety of services centered around writing, teaching and coaching, especially in the fields of peace, happiness, wealth and esoteric information.

When he is not working one one of these projects, he may plays the piano and the organ or read a good book. He is aspiring to learn the celtic harp to enhance his work. André is interested in and speaks several languages and has extensively researched the worldwide forms of spirituality.